Vex 3 – Trophies Room and Stage Building

Trophies room in vex 3 Vex 3 is like the Achievements room in Vex 2.


The only difference is that Vex 3 has 40 different achievements while Vex 2 only has 39 achievements. Here are some of the trophies room and the corresponding number of trophies you can collect:
Awesome Stuff Trophies – with 7 trophies to collect
Completion Trophies – with 4 trophies to collect
Hard Core Trophies – with 19 trophies to collect
Standard Acts Trophies – with 10 trophies to collect

Just like in other version, Vex 3 has a stage building mode where the player can build a customized stage, share it with friends or play it. As compared to the other version, there is no need for you to unlock the different builder packs. Instead, you can into the building and you can customize it as soon as you start playing the game. The stage building mode has new features like you can save the stage you have created, grab the code to share it with your friends, clear the stage to rebuild, toggle playing the objects or just exit the mode.

More rooms in Boxhead

This third version of the game offers more and more rooms to the gamers and boxhead people altogether gets 8 rooms to play for. There is a life meter enabled in the game which helps the gamer to sustain more and more hits and ultimately when the meter gets nil, the gamers die. Gamers get an option to use more and more weapons and offers for more up-gradation option.


The characters of the enemy also got an modification as the new devil character is used in the game. Playing with more speed is the only option in the game and every time the gamer hits the enemy the enemy hits the gamer back. So frequent hitting of the enemy can help in overcoming the attack and helps the gamer to survive. This version was introduced in May, 2007.

Rules of Klondike- World of Solitaire


For playing the game of solitaire there is a specific rule. Number of cards gets play world of solitaire on increasing from the left most pile to the right most pile. Only the card which is on the top of the pile is visible and the player needs to remove it from there by following or performing the given instruction. As soon as that visible card is arranged in the deck in order, the next card in the pile becomes visible.


The main concept of the game is to arrange in alternative piles and in the decreasing order. On the top empty blocks, which are four in number, the aces are placed and the arrangement is done in the increasing order ending with king of that same suit. Players who can arrange the cards of all the four decks in less time get more points. Care must be taken so that least number of steps is taken while doing the arrangement.